A story for the press photo:

A story in the form of sequential photographs, with five to six pictures that complement the story

General Photo:

The pulse of the street, childhood, wildlife, marine or sport, which are presented as a single image embodying the general category

Black and White:

Focuses on nontraditional abstract art images by investing the digital factor in the camera without resorting to software

Fujairah as I see it:

Focusing on the sea, land, mountain, valley, tourism, street pulse, heritage, folklore and underwater photography

Wildlife and Marine:

It focuses on the desert with it's golden colors to the sea, where fishermen's songs from Liwa Oasis to the beaches of Fujairah


1- 2 minutes video that represents all of the categories as a set or individual

International Competition

Start at: May 01, 2018

End at: April 10, 2019

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